Thank you for your interest in becoming a Council Member for the upcoming Crypto Evolved Conference on June 25, 2019 in NYC.

Council Description

The Council is comprised of a select group of buy-side and sell-side market participants who contribute to the development of their firm's crypto-market strategy. As a council member, firms will receive exclusive benefits in return for participating in one-on-one meetings with sponsors on the day of the conference.


Each council member will receive the following benefits:

Complimentary Passes
to Crypto Evolved

As a participating council member, you are awarded two complimentary passes to Crypto Evolved. Passes can be allocated to any members of your organization

Exclusive Roundtable Breakfast with Tim Massad, Former Chairman of the CFTC

Council members will have access to an exclusive, interactive session with Tim Massad, which will
include a presentation of his working paper on the need for future crypto-market regulations.

Conference Sentiment

Council Members are provided access to the aggregated, anonymized sentiment data that is collected from attendees throughout the event.

During the conference, council members will have the following responsibilities:


Direct Access Meetings

Each council member will have four to six individual meetings with participating Crypto Evolved Sponsors. The discussions will be held in private and each meeting will take approximately 20 minutes.

Formalized Feedback

For each direct access meeting, the participating buy-side council member will record their feedback via electronic survey. The surveys are anonymous, and the aggregated results are provided to the vendors after the conference